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Why Xero

Through the efficiencies it offers Xero will not only give you back hours in your week to devote to your business, it will also reduce your bookkeeping costs. We know, we’re a small business and are keen to be able to help like businesses run more efficiently.


Xero, combined with add-ons can do just about anything you would want for the running of your business. It takes bank feeds, creates quotes and invoices, makes reconciliation easy, handles payroll, and is accessible on any device for both employers and employees. If your business relies on mobile employees with an add-on you can schedule jobs and track their whereabouts and they can log their hours, create the invoice and email it to the client before they leave the job. There’s an add-on that scans your receipts and integrates them into Xero.  There are add-ons for inventory management, cash flow forecasting, debtor management and lots more.


We can train you on Xero and give you specific help you with particular functionality like payroll and invoicing. In addition Xero offer online and email support.  We suggest you invest in getting Xero set-up correctly from day 1, otherwise, like everything, it will cost you more in time and money to make the necessary changes to realise the efficiencies you are looking for.

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